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contrary to popular belief, hallucinations do not always occur with the consumption of lsd, low doses cause an altered state of mind. The drug does not itself give euphoric, nor negative feelings, although, when the user is in such a mood, it will enhance it.
dude 1: how do you feel?
user: different, but i dont know how im different, i just know im different.
*user giggles for a prolonged period of time*
by Blue Demon March 14, 2005
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1: a propellant used in whipped cream canisters. (probably safer than co2)

2: sold in "whippets" or "igi" bulbs, which are Meant to be cracked into a canister full of cream, and then released whipping the cream.

3: users of the whipped cream canister often use an empty canister, release the bulb into the canister and then inhale the gas from the canister. When inhaled often a "nang" noise is heard and a strange sensation encompases the entire body, this lasts between 10seconds and 2 minutes from one bulb. This is not Physically addictive, but it is often such a good high that users become mentally addicted.
dude: Woah...
user: woah!! the sound is all chopped up.
*user laughs in euphoric bliss*
by Blue Demon March 14, 2005
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