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The finest speciman of 1980's Japanese sports-cars. Decendant of a long line of Fine Japanese sports cars, the 300zx is "Awesome" to quote a commercial.
TurboZ's 300zx is fast for < $3k.
by Blinocac200sx October 12, 2003
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One of many Nameplates worn by the Nissan S-chassis cars. The pinnacle of the marque was in 1987-1988, when the North American Market 200sx recieved the VG30E 3.0liter V6 in the SE trim level. (Note: later model US Market cars wearing the 200sx Badge are actually 2-door sentras, and are in no way related to the 200sx or S-car line)
Davids 200sx is sweet with it's 3.3liter V6 and Custom Cams.
by Blinocac200sx September 18, 2003
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