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The editors at UD that did not add my actually funny definition of "echoculate." This site used to be fun, but now it lacks relevance and is obviously edited by humorless 14 year olds.
by Blaise0844 October 23, 2010
Cheese powder covered fingers one gets after eating Cheetos or other cheese flavored snacks.
Wash you chingers before you tommy tank so you don't get a chenis.
by Blaise0844 March 27, 2005
Slang derogatory term for a peron of Indian origin. Can be used regardless of whether or not the subject of the term actually still lives in India, or has at one time obtained a tourist visa and moved to the United States to buy a motel or gas station.
"Damn, that dot bitch at the Dunkin Donut's screwed up my order again. Maybe she would understand me if I bobbled my head from side to side when I spoke to her."
by Blaise0844 May 11, 2007