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A female who has unsurpassed control over the minds of her male friends. The mind terrorist is also extremly hot, making it difficult for her male friends to break off relations with this annoying girl. The mind terrorist is known to play retarted pranks on her guillible male friends, such as making her friends think shes pregnant, making her friends think shes HIV positive, and so on. All pranks end with the male friend becoming embarrased and/or angry. However, he will continue to be friends with the terrorist because she is highly hot. The minds terrorist's cycle of trickery cannot be broken unless the male friend exerts extreme self control and ends the friendship, or the terrorist finds a new victim,which is rare. It should be noted that the terrorist IS friends with the male victom, shes just an annoying bitch.
male friend: "dude today jamie slammed my locker shut, stole my cookies at lunch, smacked me in the back of the head and made me think she had 2 kids all in one day, and i didnt even get mad! whats wrong with me?"
Freind: "nothing dude, shes just a mind terrorist"
by Blade aka DJ pathicake February 28, 2007
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