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The 10 Personas of Facebook refers to the 10 most common types of user personalities found on the social network:

1. The Activist
2. The Trivialite
3. The Publicist
4. The Lurker
5. The Elder
6. The Socialite
7. The Comedian
8. The Gamer
9. The Philosopher
10. The Enthusiast
Hollywood stars are just like The 10 Personas of Facebook. You have lurkers, activists, and socialites working together all in one place.
by Bizemom November 22, 2010

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Noun: The psychological process one goes through when growing their presence and participation in the Facebook social network.

Typically there are Five Stages:

Stage Zero – Resistance
Stage One – Private Sharing
Stage Two – Community Building
Stage Three – Networking
Stage Four – Total Acceptance

Verb: To be Facebookified
Noun:(ex.) "Facebookification is inevitable."

Verb: (ex.) “That girl knows everyone! She’s definitely Stage Four Facebookified.”
by Bizemom November 18, 2010

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