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Two bishes who are dating and both having babies people also call them double bitches
Guy: Look at those hotties O_o
Guy 2: Not so hot when you know they double bishes
Guy: XD gay ass niggas
by Bitzboy February 22, 2016
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Why the fuck are you searching up balls idiot!Balls are something you don't have.
Guy 1:Wanna hear a joke?
Guy 2:Sure..
Guy 1:Why didn't the clown juggle at the circus today?
Guy 2:I don't know
Guy 1:Because he didn't have the "balls" to do it.
Guy 2:Mom you can't make jokes..
Guy 1 (mom):I made you.
Guy 2:Fuck you
Guy 1(mom):I will
by Bitzboy May 17, 2017
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