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An 11 to 13 year old girl that would put out for the world's shittiest band, constantly thinks others are jelous of them, feels so sorry for nick for having diabetes and put CANCER ribbons on profiles to feel sorry for him.
Also see (Idiot) (Ignorant) (Horny) (Fucktard) etc...
Horny youtube girl: OMG you jelous of jonas bros, OMJ WTF you jelous and stupid, they talented u know, they get girls you jelous, your music is shit compare to JB,I love nick jonas! even though i no meet him in lief, lol xD I <3 Nick bai

Non retard:.....Fuck it, no point in trying to talk to a horny Jonas Brothers fan, you can't get shit through their heads...
by Biteem June 16, 2008

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