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the overland is giving a prostitue over the age of 35 a ride home without having intercourse. but before she can escape the grasp of the vehicle, she is made to strip down and put on a McDonalds work shirt and ask "How May I Help You Today". Then she is forced to service the driver of the automoblie with the following of choices:

The McGribbler: she slowly grasps the testicles of the paying customer, and puts them in her mouth. while in her mouth, she uses a varitey of condiments, ranging from mustard to thousand island dressing.

The McBitchWitch: the driver takes a handful of the prostites hair, and takes her head and slams it into the dash board while screaming "I am giving you the McBitch you dirty Witch". While all this is going on, he is masturbating into his hand, and while he is about to climax, he climax in his palm, and puts it on the dash board and rams her face into it.

The Mc BlowHard: A personal favorite, and most well known for its beginnging in the Williston, North Dakota area, the prostitute is given a enima of blended sandwhiches of the Mc Donalds dollar menu. (be sure to blend sandwhiches well, and mix with a large portion of orange/prune juice) once sandwhiches are made into a milkshake of delight, a large funnel is inserted into her fanny, and the nummmy liquid is pumped into her hooo-haw. Then with the delicious milkshake waiting in her rectum, one is required to kick her in the stomach as hard as possible, making her shit her pants with orange/prune juice, and ground up cheeseburegers. Then they are to force her from the vehicle and make her scream " I love the MC Blowhard Sandwhich, it makes me shit my pants", while walking back to the shitty street corner she came from. Then lastly, one is to run up behind her and slap her in the face with raw hamberger, and say, "No thats a Meal you bitch"!!!!!!
"That double crossing bitch is going to get the overland if she doesnt watch it"

"How much do you charge for the overland"

"You take cash or check for the overland"
by Bitch Weed March 19, 2006
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