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Okay bitches, here is the serious recipe:
You will need; 1/4 ounce high grade soft seedless buds (others will work, but this 'baking marijuana' tastes and cooks best), manicured with all woody stems removed and broken into small, joint like pieces
2-4 table spoons butter/margarine
1 Box brownie mix and all ingredients listed on back of box.

Melt butter (you may also want to add a sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon)in frying pan on burner at about 50% heat. Then add buds, and stir until the buds are well coated in butter, then let them simmer for an additional few minutes at low heat (25%)
Prepare Brownie mix, and stir in mary jane.
Then bake according to directions on box. One brownie will cause a dreamy, body euphoric high, while 3-4 will cause hallucinations and possible paranoia.
Enjoy yall.
by Binny January 30, 2004

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Money, Cash.
Yo dawg where my dollo at?
by Binny March 02, 2004

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