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High quality/potentcy marijuana flowers that meet all of the following criteria:

1. Flowers are whole.
2. Flowers are uncompressed.
3. Flowers were not quickly dried.
4. The buds seedless.

And meet at least one of the following.

A) Pistils (hairs) are red, orange, or yellow**.
B) The buds have been cured between 1 and 6 months.
C) 75% of the trichcomes (resin glands) have turned amber.

**Yellow is denoted for NYC diesel.
I got an ounce of nuggs for $350. I'm going to cure them and sell them for $75 an 1/8th.
by BillBrasky March 07, 2007

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A girl who is always a nine. Even when she wakes up after a night of hard drinking.
Solid nine: Am I beautiful?
Guy: You're the hottest girl I've ever seen.
Solid nine: Even though I have vomit in my hair.
Guy: Yep.
by BillBrasky March 13, 2006

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A strain of marijuana, of mostly indica genetics, that is known for flowering around 44 days, when grown in optimal conditions; hence the name Top 44. The scent is skunky and the high knocks you on your ass.
In six weeks my Top 44 plant was ready to harvest.
by BillBrasky July 22, 2006

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someone who has an excessive amount of unmaintained pubic hair; the antithesis of a brazilian.
Guy: Jesus tapdancing christ woman! I thought you said you got a brazilian wax!

Girl: Oh no, it's a bulgarian wax.
by BillBrasky May 14, 2006

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