2 definitions by Biker chick

To vomit uncontrollably. Similar in usage to "worshipping the porcelain god" or "tossing one's lunch".
That norovirus I contracted at the Tough Mudder race last weekend made me throw my crispy chicken wrap under the bus.

The morning after my 21st birthday, I threw AT LEAST 4 crispy chicken wraps under the bus.
by Biker chick July 4, 2013
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A girl who has the reputation of being slutty.
The word breezy comes from the combination of two words: broad - as in girl and easy - as in easy to get in the sack.
Rep - is short (or slang) for reputation.
He left her when I told him about her breezy rep.
by Biker chick July 20, 2010
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