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The area in New Jersey located inbetween North and South. Home of the infamous Raritan Valley, this area is arguably the most ideal area to live in NJ... Halfway in between NYC and Philly, easy access to the turnpike and parkway, and there are roughly seven malls within a 25 mile radius in Central Jersey. Central Jersey also offers the smartest kids in Jersey. Plus, Central Jersey is the home area to the Boss Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, and former all-great Quarterback Joe Theismann. If you want to witness how a true Jerseyan acts, go to any strip mall located in Central Jersey. Oh, and Great Adventure we have. We don't call it Six Flags... Thats when you know a fuckin' foreigner is here, when they call Great Adventure "Six Flags". Please. Theres a fuckin' Six Flags in Dallas, Kentucky, Georgia, Missouri, California, and Illinois. But there's only one true "GREAT ADVENTURE".. and you can find it right here in Central Jersey boyy.
Matt: "Yo, where you at?"
Joe: "Central Jersey, yo."
Matt: "You at da mall?"
Joe: "Hell yeah boy!"
Matt: "Which one?"
Joe: "It's either Menlo or Woodbridge I can neva tell da difference."
by Biggzz May 21, 2008
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