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The ultimate Philadelphia Eagles fans. All that is good about Philadelphia sports fans.
"Those igglephans pull off the most awesome tailgaytes. As opposed to the jerkoff, mooching, backstabbing wangnuts, who hold the lamest, and without a doubt, worst tailgaytes of all time."
by Biggus Wangus August 26, 2006
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Lame-ass football fans that frequent the gloryhole board
Here comes a wangnut again... wangnutS suck!
by Biggus Wangus August 21, 2006
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Common name used for internet "tough guys" who turn out to be the biggest, lamest cowards on the planet.
Hey, did you read this post by that wangnut? Looks like another gay cowardly vermeilman is posting here.
by Biggus Wangus March 03, 2007
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An exceedingly gay and womanly coward that routinely posts lame-ass crap on sports boards. Known to call out posters at tailgaytes, only to run away and fail to show up. Confirmed member of sports board pariah wangnuts.
Did you hear that vermeilman got his ass kicked by a fifteen year old.... girl??
by Biggus Wangus March 01, 2007
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