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An amazing man. One who has a place in the hearts of thousands of people around the world, no matter who they may be. Not just for being so charmingly handsome, but for being the most wise, polite, funny, caring, and fashionable person i could name. I am so proud of everything he has achieved. My angel from Holmes Chapel is now a multimillionaire, rock AND pop star, gucci campaigner, model, singer, songwriter, actor, executive director, a member of one of the best boy bands in the world (one direction) and so much more, the fact he has achieved all of this in under ten years is outstanding. I love him so much and i know i’m not the only one. He has supported so many different communities including the LGBTQ+ community in so many different ways and that is part of what makes this man so beautiful. His wonderful music has changed my life in ways i can not explain and i am so thankful. I love you, Harry x
locals: why do you love him so much?

elite people: because he’s harry styles
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by BigShaq March 30, 2019

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