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The proper spelling is Purple KUSH. It is a cross between the 2 cannabis strains O.G. Kush and Purple#1 from Mendocino county in northern Califorrnia. KUSH refers to a strain of cannabis sativa subsp. indica that was indiginous to the kush mountain range of Afghanistan. The Kush strain is most widely known for it's pungent, spicy aroma as well as it's unmatched potency. Since KUSH hit the scene it has been inbread and bastardized. Many other strains that have no genetic link to real KUSH have adopted it's name simply to cash in on it's reputation. The most popular of the kush strains is th O.G. (Origional Gangsta')Kush which is no kush at all. It is actually a hybred of 2 heavy hitting sativas known as 'Chemdawg' and 'G13'. Favored in the rap community for it's potency and ungodly price (upwards of $30 a gr) it has taken hold of southern california to the point that many won't smoke anything but. Hope that clears things up. Other Kush Strains include Bubba Kush, Hindu Kush, Master Kush (MK Ultra)as well as about 2 dozen other variations. Purple strains include p1, Purple Erkel, Grand daddy Purple, Purple Dragon, Mendo Purps, and many more now.
I love to smoke Purple CUSH (kush)
by BigMikeC March 23, 2007

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