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A phrase used by sex offenders when they're proud of being a sex offender
Guy 1: "Do you have Jay Pride?"
Guy 2: "Hell yeah, I got Jay Pride"
by BigLooser;) December 07, 2018

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A female version of a himbo, a strong and polite woman but is quite dumb.

pretty much a buff version of a bimbo
Person 1: "How would you describe Korra?"
Person 2: "Oh she's a total shembo"
Person 1: "Don't you mean bimbo?"
Person 2: "Well she's buff and bimbos usually aren't buff, so she's a shembo"
by BigLooser;) September 19, 2020

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The act of sucking the smoke from someone elses cigarette and blowing it into someone else's face.
*a stranger blows smoke at your friend*

You: "Hey, I'm gonna report you for third hand smoke"
by BigLooser;) January 18, 2019

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