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1. The username of a very sad, chronically losing punter on the Betfair Forum. Posts dozens of times and day and seems incapable of carrying on a normal, healthy life.
2. The act of obsessing over another punter's success or failes. This is a verb, as in you are dirkdiggled about TheBigDog.
3. Synonym for "failure."
DirkDiggler kept dirkdiggling BigDoggy all night on the Forum until Jeter told him to shut up or get lost!
by BigDoggy October 04, 2006

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The mixture of white and brown stuff that slowly comes out of your butt for the 24 hours following the act of anal sex. Similar to swamp ass.
I thought I had to poop but it was just some fluffer nutter from when Brad nutted in my ass last night.
by Bigdoggy May 19, 2015

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