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A short haired, funny , cute , amazing , loving , caring , beautiful , pretty, angelic girl who will make you laugh and smile when you feel your worst. She’s the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. Romany has a dark side though. Don’t mess with her . Shes a fun loving . free spirited girl . Her sense of humour will brighten up your day and keep you happy forever . SHES an amazing friend so do not mess with her. She has a particular sense of style . Her purple glasses . her lovely headband collection. and her beaming smile.
“ Dude doesn’t romany look pretty today?”
“ Back off . Her big sister is here”
“ She has a sister ?”
“ Yeah 2. and 2 brothers “

“ woah . that’s awesome “
by BigBeefyBen October 27, 2019

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A two faced person. usually makes her friends feel bad . will turn you against everyone you love . beware of a lucy. she is very strange and sometimes eats her period pads
“ Hey , dude , why’s lucy buying more pads ?”
“ i dunno dude . she got 40 the other day “
“ haha , she must be eating them “
“ew dude don’t be silly”
“ aha ha ha ha haha “
by BigBeefyBen October 27, 2019

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