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A glory hole maneuver conducted in a truck stop restroom in which you convince the person on the other side of a lavatory wall to open their mouth at the hole in preparation for some man-meat, promptly drop-trou and forcefully push out a big chunky fudge dragon through the glory hole into their mouth.
I was trying to take a shit when some homo trucker named Seabass came in and started talking to me, I told him to open up wide and I gave him the old truck stop push pop.
by Big Tex RLW October 21, 2010

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1. An advanced sexual maneuver in which you select a hefty Watertown skeezbag, proceed with intercourse in a parking lot (preferably Wal-Mart), while bending aforementioned skeeze over a shopping cart, grab her ankles and upend her face first into the cart, then quickly push the cart downhill, hop on and masturbate. Ensure you blow your load on her before ditching the cart into a ravine, car, lightpost, or crowd of confused bystanders. Extra points are rewarded for conducting a wagonmaster drag race.
William was whaling a walrus at Wal-Mart Wednesday when he wowed her with a wicked Watertown Wagonmaster.
by Big Tex RLW October 21, 2010

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