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a slang word that combines the words "up" and "here"

(n)- a person that vacations in the Conneaut Lake area for the summer and are from Pittsburgh.

They usually run around like it's THEIR town and never respect the people that actually live there year around.

The amount of people double in Conneaut Lake during the summers because of all the muppiers.

They are considered nuiances to all of those that are locals.
Local: "Hey, where you from?
Muppier: "Me and my family come muppier from pittsburgh every summer and rent our a cottage"

Person 1: "Did you see those two guys fighting in the streets??"
Person 2: "Yea... it was a bunch of muppiers"

Abby: "Sheetz is crazy today!!"
Miranda: "That's because all of the muppiers are in there with their damn boats"

Local: It's Memorical Day Weekend, and all the muppiers are back.
by Big Mama T July 06, 2011

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Stands for Pre-Drinking Nap.The act of getting some rest before going to th bar or party in order to go hard all night. Popular with college students.
Natalie: So what's the plan for the night?

Carrie: Dinner at 4:30, a quick PDN, shower party, then we're hitting the town for a crazy night!
by Big Mama T January 20, 2011

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