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A women who is totally amazing, she can make you smile without trying and can also make you cross your legs.. both boy and girl. ;)
She is a very beautiful woman and has a heart of gold, she usually takes care of her friends and her man will always have either a smile or grin on his face. She is amazing in bed and has great stamina as well as great tits.

She is extremely lovely and you'de have to be mad to refuse her.
Chap 1: "Ya know that Emma girl?
Chap 2: "The pretty girl at the back of our class?"
Chap 1: "She told me she loves me and we fucked like mad last night"
Chap 2: "Nice one bro, you lucky fucker"
*Both Chaps bro-fist"
by Bible Author July 24, 2014
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To squeeze one's anal passage while in the process of taking a shit of enormous magnitude, resulting in the log being cut into either two or several chunks.

This would occur if the person was scared, starttled or just needed to hurry up and carry on when they get to a suitable location to finish the job.
Women: "Come back to bed baby."
Man: "Silence sex wench!"
Women: "We can do anal.."
Man: *Starts pinching off a loaf*
by Bible Author June 10, 2014
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