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A person who is overly obsessed with the gym. Has nothing better to do in their lives but go to the gym for 8-9 hours. Also drags their friends along for the torture.
TiTo "Hey shwatty what you doing tomorrow?"
Quy "I'm going to the gym from 12pm to 8pm and your coming with me too!"
TiTo "Holy Crap! your a Gymaniac!"
by BiGPaPa0o7 April 04, 2009
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When people that are usually on time start showing up late because others never show up on time because they do not want to be the only one waiting.
Tito "Yo man your always on time. What happened today?"
Bot(chisterly)" yea boo i caught a case of laggitis"
by BiGPaPa0o7 April 03, 2009
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