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4)Noun = Koeppel
The girl that steps up and takes one for the team by hooking up with whatever man/boy/sugar daddy or mama financially supports she and her friends evening if and only if they successfully deal with her drunken dibochery in a respectfully (according to her) acceptable way.
1) I'm looking good and ready to make out. I'll be the Koeppel.
2) OK, we're thirsty and out of money. Who wants to be the Koeppel?
3) Whoever that guy over there talks to first has to be the Koeppel.
4) Purk those titties up lady- you're the Koeppel tonight!
by Betty Blackout July 14, 2011
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1) To get boned by a Tony. Usually really, really well.

1) To bone someone when you are Tony.
1) Dude, I am so sick of my boyfriend right now. I just want to get toned by his friend.

2) My friend's girlfriend is super hot. She's about to get toned.
by Betty Blackout July 14, 2011
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