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Lesbian Because Fat - a girl who's gone lesbian because she's too fat.
That fat chick was only getting attention from girls who like butch dykes, so she went lebefa.
by beohbe October 12, 2013
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A reference to the town of Fredericksburg, Virginia. It has fuck-all to do with Central Park, as we were calling it Fredvegas years before that place was even built. Frodricksburg is obviously either too young to know this, or just an idiot trying to make connections between unrelated things.

And to the person that posted the first definition... 100% correct, except for one small thing. I've been posting on forums using that name for well over a decade. Get the fuck off my Kewl-aid... :p
Wow, Fredvegas is absolutely nothing like Las Vegas. Get the kids in the car, honey. We're gettin the fuck outta here...
by Beohbe February 15, 2012
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Middle-Aged White Guy
"I heard your dad voted for McCain."

"What's he gonna do? He's a mawg."
by beohbe October 24, 2008
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