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The action of lowering your head towards your penis and jizzing in your own mouth. Oftenly referred to as serving yourself a milkshake.
Cody: Oi mate where were you last night
Jack: Parents didn't let me out :(
Cody: I bet you were Milking the Geek
Jack: ..!..
by Benmkl February 22, 2010
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Having high numbers in likes, comments and friends on facebook, It's worth nothing in the real world.
Guy no. 1: DUDE !!!, look at my facebook wealth on facebook...

1000 friend, 50 comments on this post and 100 likes

Guy no. 2: Congratulations, how many people like you and want to talk to you in real life ?

Guy no. 1: Shut up !
by Benmkl July 01, 2010
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