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1. World Wrestling Federation
2. World Wildlife Fund

Two organisations which may be parallel opposites, although there are certain similarities...
1.Dude! Did you see WWF last night? The Big Show totally made Tajiri extinct!

2. Newsreporter: The last Panda on Earth was killed last Friday Night when a rock mysteriously smashed it in the face. The Rock killed the last ever panda.

Morris McGinty, UTV Live, PandaLand.
by Beller October 15, 2005

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Northern Ireland, located north of Ireland and west of Scotland, also can be found far east of America. Is in the British Isles and is North-west of England.

A great place to be, if someone ever asks you where you are from, as soon as you say Northern Ireland they will be like. "Wow!! You're hot! Wanna come to my place later?" You be like; Sure... after I'm done with all the other babes!
Girl 1: From?
Northern Irelander: Northern Ireland
Girl 1: OMFG!!!
Girl 2: leik! datz awesome!
Girl 3,4,5,6,7,8: YEAH!!!!!
by Beller October 02, 2005

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