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When you masturbate your partner in the shower.
Brad: "My wife gave me the best shower job last night. She is fucking awesome".

Ol' mate: "You lucky bastard"

Maree: "My husband gets into the shower with me and I give him a shower job. He loves it when I lather up the soap and massage his nuts and wank him off".
by Bella Maree June 30, 2010

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Lazy Mother Fucker Syndrome.
A person (mother fucker) so lazy that they are considered to have this syndrome.

Couldn't be bothered? = LMFS

Helen - "I saw him piss in the bottle. He must have LMFS as he didn't even bother using the toilets (only a few metres away)".

Bob - "I couldn't be bothered taking out the fucking trash".
Danny - "You've got LMFS".

Don - "Where's your assignment today"?
Maria - "I didn't do it but it's not my fault - I have LMFS".
by Bella Maree June 15, 2010

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