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A 16 year old that sounds and looks like hes 9 or 10 with a emo/lesbian haircut, who is only famous because of Youtube. He makes bad music that is only popular because of brainless, new age 7-17 year girls. Justin has a freakishly high voice and should be shot by anyone that care about the children.
Person 1: Hey listen to this *plays beiber song*
Person-2: What is this a 9 year old girl?
Person-2: No its justin Beiber a adorable singer!
Person What! *punches beiber fan for liking this crap*
by Beiber hunter May 31, 2010
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1. A violent disgusting crime on a person, when theyer have violently been forced to have sex with another person. Its is very traumatizing and rapists should all die slow deaths

2. A term used by gamers to express extream victory or a amzing weapon in call of duty.

3. WHat girls and guys at my school say when you do something that invulvs moving near them, tapping them or looking at them
1. That women was raped then the rapist was sent to prison got out and was killed by a great person

2. I raped your team,The ACR in call of duty RaPes!!

3. Boy: moves over to girl and asks for a pencil

girl: yells rape and nobody cares becuse shes being a retard
by beiber hunter July 21, 2010
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