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organizational system composed of sorting object by piles on the floor
The floorganization in Dick Cheney's office is very neat - all of his spare parts are in piles.
by Bego the Tyrant October 20, 2010

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1. In Scotland, a properly heated rock or rocks used to cook haggis
2. slang for a man's testicles
3. when used as a verb, netherstoned, refers to being high in Holland
4. In Holland, slang for wooden shoes
5. Geologists use the term to refer to rocks (molten or otherwise) that are ejected into the air during a volcanic eruption
1. The nethersotne is not hot enought to cook my haggis!
2. She kicked me right in the netherstones.
3. Amsterdam is a great place to get netherstoned.
4. These netherstones are too small for my feet.
5. The netherstones landed two miles from the volcano.
by Bego the Tyrant February 06, 2010

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