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(v) To construct something poorly, to do something hal-assed, to jerry-rig something but do it sloppily. This word comes from the construction industry.
It was getting dark and cold so I nigger rigged the furnace to warm us up but I would make a service call before that thng blows up
by Beer Vampire December 07, 2009
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n. These are the actors who work in bukkake videos. They supply the goo for the money shot, hence this is what they are called.
"Sorry babe, not tonight. I have a 9AM casting call playing the 8th soup man."
by Beer Vampire May 07, 2005
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(v.)- To constantly try and prove you know more then anyone else around you. While you actually may even be right, the sheer fact that you incessantly have to prove it makes you the most annoying guy or gal in the room.
I told him about a new Czech beer I tried last night and began Swingling his own experiences in Prague and drinking fermented eskimo piss with Laplanders.

No one want to hear you Swingle about your trip to Vegas, we all know what happens there.
by Beer Vampire February 22, 2005
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Accidentally grabbing someone's lady parts.
Donald Trump grabbed the pussy, but it was totally by snatchccident.
by Beer Vampire October 11, 2016
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