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Doitsu is a simply indescribable thing. Doitsu is our sole survival, the very reason we thrive on this circle which is the Earth. Doitsu is the ultimate form, the awesome being we all strive to become. Doitsu is the twinkling stars in our darkest nights; Doitsu is the tiny spark in a cold expanse of icy emptiness; Doitsu is our single red cardinal flash in a bleak white winter. Doitsu is the one who protects us; He is the one who loves us; He is the one to save us. He is the unbelievably beautiful figure of which we all wish we could be, which we all hope to be one day. It is every person's dream, whether recognized or unrecognized by those people, to become a Doitsu one day. We all wish with a strong power in our souls to be a Doitsu or at least become Doitsu in somebody's eyes. a Doitsu is somebody we truly love with all of the weak human strength in our hearts.
1. Shine bright like a Doitsu.
2. You know my boyfriend, Shane? He's my Doitsu.
by Beelee October 13, 2013

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a guy or girl who enjoys teasing a female by promising sexual acts, talking about sexual acts, touching on the vag or simply licking their lips like ll cool j does and looking down at their pussy - but never following through.
"oh yeah. i invited that dude to my house the other night but after i undressed he said he wasn't ready for sex. what a fucking vag tease"
"i was at the lesbian bar and this girl was grinding against my pussy and when i asked her for her number, she told me she was straight. that girl is straight alright. a straight up vag tease"
by BEELEE January 29, 2009

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When a person is both sassy and pulling attitude at the same time.
"Man..Jill's so sassy and loaded with attitude." "Ya guy, she's a total sassatude."
by beelee November 09, 2014

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