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A really, really shitty year. This is the year that brought us:
-Janet Jackson's tit
-The Passion of the Christ
-Martha Stewart getting arrested
-Florida getting pounded by 4(i think) hurricanes
-A presidential election between John Kerry (giant doush), who nobody could understand, and George W. Bush (turd sandwich), who was full of shit.
-The NBA brawl
I'm looking forward to 2005, 2004 really sucked.
by Beefmaster December 26, 2004

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A so-so show on Adult Swim late nights on Cartoon Network. Watched mainly by stoners because there the only ones who laugh at all the humor.
"Meatwad makes the money, see,
Meatwad gets the honies, G.
Riding in my car, living like a star, ice on my fingers and my toes and I'm a Taurus."
by Beefmaster November 28, 2004

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