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A delicate fold of flab protuding from under a top, hanging gently over the waistband of jeans like some kind of skin souffle; female counterpart to the beer belly, often seen on mid to late twentysomething singles who are losing both their looks, their self-respect and - gradually - the will to live...
Bridget: "Jesus I really need to shed this wine-belly if I ever want to get laid again"
Magda: "Try not downing two bottles of whatever the co-op have on special of a weekday evening..."
Bridget: "Bitch..." (muffled sobbing)
by Becca J W August 31, 2007
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An activity undertaken by males on the pull whereby the protagonist heads out to catch, ie take home, whatever he gets stuck on the end of his spear; indiscriminate hooking up with the opposite sex
'What's he doing talking to that munter?'
'Ah, Jimbo's just spearfishing tonight'
by Becca J W August 28, 2007
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Prison terminology for dumping a steaming bucket of urine and excrement over the head of a much-loved prison service employee.

It understandably entails further punishment under the penal system but in terms of satisfaction and comedy value, is doubtless well-worth missing a few games on the prison playstation for...
Stabber: 'How come Gordon the Guard smells like 3 day old prison food?'
Shooter: 'He got potted on B-Wing!'
Stabber: 'Ah, nothing like a good potting to brighten up a 10-12 stretch. How'd he like it?'
Shooter: 'Not so much, heard he might lose an eye!'
Both: 'Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha'
by Becca J W April 07, 2008
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