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The worst week of a college or high school students life. Finals week involves pulling an all nighter to reverse the months of slacking that have killed their grades. Finals week involves a lot of stress and very little sleep, the college or highschool student will be on edge the entire time, thus it is not a good time to screw with them by playing practical jokes or something you might find funny.
guy: Titty twister!!
Phil: (punches guy in the face) its finals week asshole
Guy: oh ok my bad (cowers in a corner)
by beast and the harlot June 02, 2005

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CCS is an acronym for the action of smacking something or someone with the male penis. CCS stands for Cold Cock Smack and is usually used as shut down or to insult someone
Alec: how would you like to hang out after school?
Phil: How would you like to suck on my balls... Alec?
Alec: How would you like to get CCS'd right across the face next time you turn around to say something to me?
by beast and the harlot June 02, 2005

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What wiggers, that wear popped collars and ripped jeans; that think they are gangsta, refer to a small suburban town just north of Cincinnati, "da nati", Ohio. In Dub C, tons of rich, white kids think they are from the hood and are gangsta. They talk of carrying gats and smoking "Dank Cron" but really do nothing of the sort. Dub C is the most boring town in all of ohio and home of the quintesential Wigger.
wigger 1: Whaddup my Dawg im gonna hit up my dude in the dub c and puff on some cron
wigger 2: Dude hit up wise he got that dank sticky cron his eyes always be bloodshot
wigger 1: Word?
wigger 2: Word dawg
by Beast and the Harlot May 25, 2005

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A small town about 20 minutes north of "Da Nati" Ohio. West Chester is often refered to as "Dub C" (see definition for explanation). West Chester is home of the quintesential and is quite boring.
wigger: What up blood?
Thug: (shoots kid)
Thug: I hate wiggers
by beast and the harlot June 02, 2005

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