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1. The area in a kitchen in which a refrigerator is installed and can't be removed.
2. A three sided space in a kitchen that has a local gravitational force equal to that of Jupiter.
1. "Well, that's almost everything, you going to take the fridge?"
"No, it's in the fridge-de-sac, and we don't have a nuclear powered fork lift."

2. "I think there's a cricket under the fridge, it's driving me crazy"
"The Black Hole will get it."
by Beakster445 November 13, 2013

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The name for the erroneous readout on a cell phone's signal strength meter. Mobile phone devices typically display their signal strength on a digital bar graph on the display. This readout often lies, or fibs, about how much signal you don't actually have. Thus a fibbar is a lying phone bar.
Dude 1:
"Dude, you got signal out here?"
Dude 2:
"Yeah I've got one bar...wait, it's a fibbar. Damn."
by Beakster445 July 20, 2013

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