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A cool and funny tv-show that features people with yellow skin.The show is created by Matt Groening and the main characters are Homer,Marge,Lisa,EL BARTO (aka: Bart) and Maggie. Other Characters include:
Grandpa sinpson,Proffeser Frink,Moe ,Lenny, Carl, Nelson, Milhouse ,Santa`s Little helper, Snowball II,Crazy cat lady Chief wiggum, Apu,Docter Hibbert ,Ralph,Mrs Krabbapple,Principle Skinner,Comic book guy, Spider pig/Harry Plopper and last but not least Selma and Patty.
Glad That`s over! :)
Best Tv Show 4 Life!

Go Simpsons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Beaconetric October 15, 2007

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Pokemon is a fun and cool show.
The games are great and the graphics and fantastic.

The TCG is a game where you play your pokemon cards and trade them to other people and the designs of the cards are like wow.

The show is a bit startling because it is a bit kiddy and the emotional parts are like: please spare my darling sneasel so we can get on with our life and marry! O_O

The merchandise is like the trading card game, awsome and cool.
Apart from the show every thing is Awesome!
RED and BLue: Not good enough but the original game~the ones who started it.2 stars

Yellow: Better but still not good enough 2stars

Gold and silver: Much improved but when can we choose a girl?2stars

Crystal:Much MUch more improved and can choose a girl now and animated pokemon Sprites,Cool! 3 stars

Ruby and saphire :Very Much improved and with contests but what happened to the animated sprites in Crystal? 2 stars

Emerald : Yay animated sprites! and battle frontier too, 5 stars!

Diamond and Pearl: like above but without battle frontier but better graphics ,wi-fi and better contests!But it does kinda suck... 4 stars!
by Beaconetric August 25, 2007

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