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A term used in messaging to convey to someone that while you value their company, you are not interested in becoming anything more than friends.

Used in substitution for "Lots of love", in order to avoid any misconstructions, and hurt feelings...
Boy: Will u go out with me? X. tb.

Girl: This is a bit out-of-the-blue. R u serious? Tbh, I've always felt our relationship was purely platonic, and that's cool. =)
Lots of LIKE, {name}
by Bastard child of Nicky August 11, 2008
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One who dresses fashionably.

In the same way that a male transvestite poses as a woman, so does the trendvestite pose as someone cool and trendy.

Also used in relation to a male who dresses in such a metrosexual style that he is almost wearing female clothing.
See definitions for emo
-Is that a guy wearing girl's clothes... or a mannish girl??
-I think It' a trendvestite.

All the kids are following the latest fad for "emo" hair and skinny jeans... I can't determine the gender of all these trendvestites.
by Bastard child of Nicky August 11, 2008
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1. The hour of the day known as Rush-hour when there are an awful lot of people driving like bastards and nearly running you off the road.

2. the hour following the Weekend pub-crawl when all the students / drunkards / louts / ne'er-do-wells are completely twatted and getting rowdy in the streets.
1. Oh Fuck, we're 20 miles from home and we've hit Twat Hour. This guy's driving up my arse, the wanker.

2. Look at all those pissed students stumbling out of the Red Lion. Looks like something's about to kick off. Must be Twat Hour.
by Bastard child of Nicky August 11, 2008
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