3 definitions by Barbie Reject

When you have a huge putrid load to drop and you fear the aftermath of feral stench association, you lay your logs in a public bathroom and often blame the talent on an unsuspecting victim.
I was baking up a mad brownie dump during my date last night. I couldn't take that shit home; I had to bomb and dash the movie theater restrooms so Shirli wouldn't faint from fecal intoxication at my house.

Dude ...I totally bombed and dashed the Shell gas station. I dropped my kids at the pool and naturally I was pretty proud of my fresh porcelain artwork until I opened the door to the hottest chick waiting to use the John. I'm like "Watch your step in there ... some homeless man tore the place up before me"
by Barbie Reject March 22, 2012
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Voluptuous perky tits that are a product of perfection sans the lactation. You wouldn't want to suckle on anything else once you see these.
What Westley meant to tell Buttercup in Princess Bride was ... "There is a shortage of perfect breasts in this world; it would be a pity to damage your lactose cans"
by Barbie Reject January 25, 2011
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When two females hug and their breasts collide & mash into a delicious pancake formation.
Yo ... did you just see Lili and Krysta pancake kiss? That looked tasty!
by Barbie Reject January 24, 2011
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