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The act of pulling a carter consists of removing comments or friends in a Facebook argument when you are obviously losing it. The person who pulls a carter generally tends to be a flamer with long black hair, gay purple shoes and is a really huge douche. He also probably long boards once a year but tells everybody he skateboards. if you know anybody like this please seek help for them. Monkey wrenches and rags soaked in Drano are recommended for rehabilitation, sharpened screw -driver shanks are also recommended.
pulling a carter should be something along the lines of this.

Mike - "ya the other day Joe was trying to convince me Reptar could beat Baman and Piderman"

Larry - "Oh really? He is obviously wrong, Baman and Piderman would definetly DP Reptar's scaly green ass"

Mike - "totally dude, and when i went to check it the other day he had removed all his comments and removed me as a friend"

Larry - "Oh wow he totally pulled a carter"
by Baman&Piderman June 27, 2010

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Long ass brb (be right back) , where you leave to do something and it ends up taking a long ass time.
labrb, i have to go deal with family.
by Baman&Piderman September 20, 2010

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