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Nitya is the best girl anyone could've asked for,she a has been through alot so having patience with her is key. She will love you so much and spoil you with endless love. Never in a thousand years take her for granted because bro you will regret it. She maybe alittle clingy but is just their way she shows you she loves you.I love you Neena.
"Dude,if you have a Nitya trust me she is the one."

"Yoo she is hella Nitya "
by Baloo7703 December 22, 2020

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Well were can I start vian is one of the most amazing lil bro you could have asked for... He's a gamer,weeb and a pretty awesome to be around, he can have a messed up sense of humor but that's makes makes him special. He's kinda of a nerdy person,likes star wars, Harry Potter and other Animes. He is very very kind and just a very positive soul.
Yoooo,I'm going to go paintballing,who should I bring??

Dude we both know Vian is a most,he's a natural born fucken leader
by Baloo7703 January 03, 2021

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