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A famous middle-eastern food stand located in Manhattan, NY on the corner of 53rd street and 6th avenue, across the street from the Hilton. It is only open at night, after 7pm and stays open until 4 or 5am. Sometimes the line is extremely long and people will wait for a long time like crackheads frequenting a late-80's bronx crack building.

Also referred to as the durk stand durk plate durk platter. Durks can be used to refer to the food or the stand itself. Examples: "Yo lets go to durks". "this plate of durks is awesome tonite". etc

Durks is not the real name for the stand, being a food stand it has no name. Durks is a nickname given to the stand by a group of enthusiasts. The stand does have a website however. Without specifically writing it out, it is the street corner that the stand is on .com

No other middle eastern food stand in the world can be referred to as Durks, as there is only one Durks.

Durks has a small menu, the only choices being chicken or lamb, or a combination of both, either served as a platter with yellow rice, salad and small peices of pita bread or as a sandwich on a whole peice of pita bread. They have 3 sauces available. White sauce, which is similar to the white sauce served at other middle eastern food stands and Tzatziki sauce served at Greek and turkish restaurants, but different and better. The quality of their white sauce is a big part of their popularity. Red sauce, which is an extremely hot hot sauce, and Barbecue sauce. On their website, a combination platter (lamb and chicken with yellow rice, salad and pita) with all 3 sauces is called "The Ultimate". Sandwiches are $4.00 and platters are $6.00.

Durks is the ultimate drunk food. Nothing else comes close. But it is just as good when sober, and if they were open in the morning many patrons would probably substitute white sauce for milk in their cheerios.

Some rumors and unsubstantiated facts about Durks:

The food, possibly the white sauce contains an unknown addictive drug. This is what keeps Durk customers coming back and causes them to wait on line like crack fiends.

Some, or all of the profits generated are used to fund terrorist organizations. However, their food is so tasty and economical that the average durks customer does not care that his $6.00 may someday contribute to the destruction of the United States and his way of life.

One of the owners/proprietors/worker s at the Durk stand goes by the name of Khalid.

Interesting sidenote: Khalid is rumored to be the very same Khalid that is referred to in the video game Call of Duty 4, when you are playing online as the middle-eastern terrorists and your team starts losing and someone screams "We have lost Khalid!!!".
Yo whats good, is Loubag coming with us to get some durks? Nah you know that nigga don't have no money and I'm not lending him shit, he still owes me $40 from the other day.
by Bagofdouche March 24, 2008

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A combination of the name "Lou", "Louis" or "Luis" and any or all of the following:

Scumbag, Douchebag, Shitbag, Dirtbag, Ballbag etc

frequently seen in the company of mudsharks

Whatever you do, don't loan Loubag money. You won't get it back.
by Bagofdouche March 24, 2008

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An unknown, yet extremly important member of the Middle Eastern Terrorist team in multiplayer games in the video game Call of Duty 4.

when you are playing as the terrorists, and your team starts to lose, an arabic-accented voice will frantically yell out "WE HAVE LOST KHALID!!!!". When and if you start to win again, the same arabic-accented voice will say, in a much more calm and optimistic tone, "We have taken Khalid."

Simply put, when you have lost Khalid you cannot win the game, and if you have Khalid you cannot lose.

Why Khalid is so important to the COD4 terrorist team is unknown.

It is rumored that when Khalid isn't working as the unknown yet crucial member of the Call of Duty 4 terrorist team, he works at Durks, a popular middle eastern food stand in Manhattan, NY on the corner of 53rd street and 6th avenue.
We have lost KHALID!!!
by Bagofdouche March 24, 2008

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