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Jiafei is a sexy woman who sells sexy products and a girl we stan 4life 😍 She has every product for every thing 😁 If you dont buy her products you will cvm, get kidnapped and have your poosay cut off gurl 😫💅
jiafei69 : buy my sexy products and listen to my music pls 🥺
ihatejiafei : no 🙄💅
jiafei69 : i will kidnap and have ur poosay chopped off 😂 goodluck gurl 😍🥰😘
ihatejiafei : nooo not my poosay 😭🥺😫
by Baddiecaca March 23, 2022
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tall emo 12 year old boys who think their cool with cnps in a video game called roblox 🙄 the normal slender usually date roblox copy n pastes, say mic up 69 times a minute and loveeeee stitch face 😒 In the 1% of slenders, there are some that are actually not the stereotype of the slenders and are not very toxic but its very rare 😩

The common games they are found in is in the following:

ragdoll engine
da hood
Ttd 3
any slender hang out game
vibe hugs
roblox cnp : hey papi
roblox slender : hey bbg 😍
roblox bacon : ewwww a slender 😡
roblox slender : mic up little boy 🤡 clown bozo
by Baddiecaca March 24, 2022
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