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When a controversial issue/problem has surrounding it more than one version of the events told by different sides, but none of it is true because the real story behind the issue/problem is more problematic than is the lies that is being told in its sake- and the lies themselves, are so confusion and convoluted that it's best to leave the entire situation alone and have a cold Coors Light than to dig into any of it!
Conflicting Bullshits: When your lover says that they are is going to a co-worker that they hates' birthday party for 8pm, and someone told you that they saw them at the store with their ex-lover at 9pm, who is reportedly and to your knowledge in another country, but then also said that they also met your lover at a "party" at 8:30pm also that was not a birthday party-- but your lover really was at a satanic ritual sacrifice, in an attempt to keep your love forever.
by Bad Appleseed December 04, 2010
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