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A Debutant is a new prostitute. Often young girls (age 11+) are called debutants for their debuts on the streets. They have very tight vagina.
omg she's a debutant! go get her boy!
by Baconrobocop August 18, 2008

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Critized by many for ruining your health. Smoking is one of the rarest thing in life that make you cool!
It's simple - Smoking is cool!

It emphasized on your bad-assness, increases your coolness, toughness, dangerousness. Also strongly aclaimed for it's purpose of being a pussy magnet. Smoking reduces stress, fills your body with a very healthy necotine drug.

**Smoking is a very powerful social tool. With a cigarette in your hand you can talk to almost anyone without being shy about it!!***
My god you're so cool with that cigarette, smoking!!
by Baconrobocop August 15, 2008

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