1 definition by Baby J[ebus]

describes a person, place, or thing which is functioning or performing poorly and not at full potential; with a person this may mean being clumsy or forgetting things uncharacteristically; this word might be used to describe anyone displaying uncharacteristic behavior socially or physically; this word is generally not meant in a derogatory way when directed to the person being described, but may be used to describe someone's actions (even one's own actions) so that the person be made aware of the fact that he or she is not performing tasks very well and/or to suggest he or she should fix the problem; outside the presence of the person described or when referring to a place or thing this word is usually meant in a more derogatory sense; with places and things this usually refers to some deficiency that needs attention
"Look at me.. I am all caddywompus today; let me get some coffee first and I'll straighten up."
"You seem caddywompus this morning; rough night?"
"Yea, I guess she was so caddywompus she drove right into the telephone pole."
"This town is caddywompus as hell...NO BARS?!?"
"That controller is all caddywompus now and cuts out since I spilled liquor on the analog stick."
by Baby J[ebus] August 21, 2009