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Phrase used to express a level of affection for another and to express the unique life altering love. A love song can describe a man or woman for whom you feel complete, unabashed love, essentially, familial love "storge" or "ohana," friendly love "philia," romantic love "eros," and divine love "agape".
For those lucky enough to encounter a treasure such as this, it is unmistakable and the feeling is permanent. However, while people come and go, the song will play as long as the heart beats.

When you find the lyrics to your soul, you sing your love song regardless of being out of tune, arythmic, or even if you are old and smell like cheese. Whether or not it's mutual or if you live in different dimensions, it is important to honor and cherish your hearts muse.

So take singing lessons and tell your love song, "I've got you under my skin, and thank you for a gift i am lucky to get once."
1: How's the fly chick you went bowling with?
2: 1, that woman is a cherub with a gift for my soul.

3: Did you hear that? 2's singin' a lovesong!
by BabaGanoosh of Space November 23, 2017
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