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A person typically male, having extremely long toes, even finger like apendages on the end of thier feet. Many time the end toes (pinky or Big toe) are opposable. Usaully exremely hairy.
WOW! Look at his Ape Toes, Kink Kong must be his daddy. He could open a twist off with those things.

Dang, I never realized how much the Ape toes on that mooncricket gave him the jungility to slam that B-ball with his homies on 'da court.
by B_._Money_._Vise November 17, 2007
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The act of hitting the silent/reject/ignore button when some one is calling you on your cell phone that you don't want to talk to. You are essentially telling them "F you" hence it is called hitting the F you button.

This action may also be known as call dodging or a polite hangup
My dad was calling to gripe at me so I hit the F you button.

When my phone rang and I saw on the caller ID it was that ugly girl from down the street I had to hit F you button.
by B_._Money_._Vise March 12, 2008
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