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An island... where hippie day is every day.
More specifically,
In the middle of the Puget Sound. Main activity is marijuana smoking and hippie dancing in the village green. Other activities of the natives include birdwatching, attending the strawberry festival once a year, celtic dancing, Vashsquatch, Hemp Fest, and the Saturday morning market at the village green.
Vashon inhabitants may be spotted off island once a year. These are privileged individuals. In preparation for one's first venture to the mainland (via ferry), one is lathered in essential oils and wrapped in sea weed found at the shores of Dockton (an inlet in which the natives bathe and gather for special ceremonies).
Everyone on Vashon is either a "free spirit", artist, or is well versed in the art of massage or hypnosis. "The Others" find work on the mainland and are shunned from the native culture.
WARNING: We have many a time sacrificed "The Others"
(not wanting to sacrifice the natives) to the great grizzly who often swims from the mainland to find food. Upon it's arrival to the island, the village children are gathered and given Bumble Bars to soothe their aching souls. Upon receiving our sacred gifts (of human flesh), the Great Bear finds it's way home. Only to return again...
YOU ARE NEVER SAFE even in the safest of places (such as the teepee's and sweat lodges)
Come visit!
1)"dude, I was on Vashon last weekend. HELLA GOOEY NECTAR!"
2)"the natives of vashon are watching. always..."
3)"where could we find a fresh crop?" "VASHON DUDE!"
by BUBBASPARKZZZ October 21, 2007

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One who has metal in their mouth.
Commonly referred to as "braces"
"Dat bitch is a tin grin!
by BUBBASPARKZZZ October 21, 2007

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