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The Independent City of Norfolk, Virginia.

Pronounced nor-fuck.

Now being referred to as "the fuck".

Better than Virginia Beach. (aka "the beach")

Full of squids, chumps, artists, trash, punks, poseurs, thugs, and all the beautiful women in the world.

Literally goes harder than said world.

And everyone from everywhere seems as if they're just passing through this hell hole in the adventure that is their life. But in the end, this is where they'll end up staying... for the rest of their future generations, until bouncing baby boys enlist and are delivered elsewhere.

But, no, yeah this is a big navy town
and it's old as hell.
Natives give love. The rest don't.

And you will die in this city whether
you're killed or laid peacefully to rest.
Norfolk kid: "Bout to be headed back into the fuck."

Virginia Beach kid: "Bro, fuck Norfolk and fuck you."

Norfolk kid: "...typical rude ass VB kid."
by BT from tha Dune November 20, 2012
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