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A city in Massachusetts, where in the city, everyone's drunk & Irish, and in the 'burbs, everyones rich and Jewish. No one in Boston calls it Beantown, no one knows where Cheers is or has been to Cheers, no one has gone on a duck tour and would really like to shoot the duck tour company down, and no one has eber ridden on the swan boats. There are nice parts of Boston and bad parts. We have some great colleges, but the weather sucks. Not everyone here has a Boston accent, but in some mood, we do. For example, when I'm annoyed, my Boston accent always comes out. Boston is also home to us pathetic Red Sox fans. WOO HOO! We've all seen the movie Fever Pitch many times, but still have no idea what the plot is, or who is in it, we just remember the Red Sox parts.
Boston is an awesome city to visit.
by BOS style round here May 14, 2006
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